Life and Style Media - Games

Life and Style Media is a video game and game development tools company from Cleveland, Ohio.

This company is run by me, Jason Jones. I have practiced within most of the major fields that are involved in game development. Music 18 years; Art since I was a child. Then programming for about 10 years now. It has been a both a challenge and a joy discovering all these different endeavours throughout my life.

I think it is extremely important for the products I make to be honest with my true self. That is one of the reasons for being a completely independent developer. Money is great, but making what you truely get excited about, while retaining an open process, is way more important to me. To have the ability to express values that align with people, instead of soley their pocket books. Value is in the eye of the beholder, but with the power of a business, it should never be abused.

My purpose for making this company, was to push the envolope in both what it means to be the owner of a business, while simultaneously creating touching characters that drive many unique worlds and universes through a multitude of IPs. Characters need to keep that long lasting appeal in mind, for something that will inspire the future generations. When titles are released, I like to play a more wait and learn approach. Making new IPs and revisiting different ones is very important in learning how to bring even better ideas back into the fold.

With development tools, I think we are moving fast, but not fast enough. The language we speak with a computer, just doesn't feel human enough to me. Most certainly not cohesive enough. It is my vision to be able to create new unique mechanics for developing games and applications at lightning speed. Something that brings more of the game to the development. New ways for computers to speak and decipher the thoughts in your head. If you are a visual thinker, or a small team or developer, I think you will find greater pleasure in the products I have and will release in the future.

I hope you enjoy what I am doing and that I am able to help as many people as possible

If you have any business inquiries, such as hiring for freelance work, emailing for interviews or review requests, please send me an email to: