Life and Style Media - Visual Development

Expressing Code Through The Mind Of An Artist

The way programming works and the way humans interact with the world varies immensly. If you are a more visual thinker, you may have reached some extremely tough times learning to program. If you are a programmer, designing stuff may feel incredibly laborious. You do it because you have goals of some game, application, or artistic experience coming to life. If only we could make all of this so much easier. We don't want to lose the ability to do everything a programmer can do.

How can we solve this. There needs to be some way of making development of software, games, and apps a lot easier to work with. A centralized modular ecosystem for creating content, that interweves coding and designing into one beautifully crafted experience.

This article intends to take you through a brand new IDE I am developing for Life and Style Media.

A Visual Development Interface
Continuum is a new visual development IDE. The program will mix coding, visual programming, and visual design into a singular, cohesive but modular experience to create any type of application you can imagine. Out of the box you get 3 tabs that represent the different uses. Those are, Design, Develop, and Code.

*Right now I have some old half baked prototypes to represent what im saying, as production is beginning the moments after this was posted. I'll be sure to have frequent enough updates to keep everyone in the loop.*

Full Visual C# Generation
Code is the lowest level of this program. You will have access to all C# constructs. Building of assemblies, ect. ect.

Make it easy for everyone to understand the terms. If you are an advanced user, Have options for removing the extra side descriptions.

A class or struct should clearly identify its members in a larger open graph fromat through a vertical tree. Node and graph information will be accessable through an easy displayed drop down menu. Double clicking nodes enters a method, constructor, or other member types graph.

Auto Layout
Quick quick quick. Make placing things anywhere and fussing with wires a thing of the past. Inputs and outputs have clearly accessible add and remove buttons in all the proper places.

Code Preview
A preview should be dockable for displaying the code that will be generated.

Live Update
Change the code while in Preview Mode and see it automatically update. Should include every single aspect of C#.

Auto Parsing
Work directly with C# files just like programmers. Except it automatically opens the script. The graphs are auto layouted. We don't need to worry about retaining position. It is always identical. So once it is closed, the graphs no longer live. The code still exists though.

Allow Continuums C# code to be used with outside applications just like any other IDE. Unity for instance, double clicking an error would bring you to the node.

Code Blocks
Ability to just drop in a code node and start using regular code. Should have intellisense. Code can be updated in realtime, and turned into nodes. Nodes can be selected and turned into a code block.

Visual Tool Creator
Design tools for representing different types of actions

Grids are containers that set a series of conditions and interactions amongst a series of different types of Nodes.

Nodes contain a series of controls and are the individual containers of data, gui, actions, and triggers.

Controls live within a node and can represent any compatible type.

Make An Application
This is where the Designed nodes comes to use. You use these to build an application if you aren't using an external software. Everything guarenteed to output into nice looking C#. Human modifiable.

I don't have any images to show. I do think this is the bread and butter in the end. Being able to modularly add in components, everything from the ground up done in a visual manner.Meanwhile, the output C# will look more like something you'd program in any other application.

This is only a start. This is a tough problem to solve. It will be solved though. I am hoping I can truely change the way many create applications of all types by making development of applications and games extremely interactive.