Life and Style Media - Multi Array

Make multidimensional arrays up to the max of 32 dimensions, the same as in C#. Assist in making inventory systems, grids, and more. Comes with Create, Get, and Set units.


Current Version: 1.1.0
Price: FREE
License: MIT
Type: Custom Units


When do I regenerate units?

- A units category has changed.
- A new unit or type is introduced.
- A unit or type is removed or marked obsolete.
- A unit or types namespace changed.
- A unit or types declaration has changed, including method signatures.

*If you are a C# programmer, you can alternatively use the attribute [RenamedFrom(string previousName)] and include the previous type name, including namespaces to prevent a regeneration.*

*Units, Graphs, Macros, ect, SHOULD NOT be included in the unit options window unless you need access to the internal scripts methods and variables.*

How do I regenerate units?

In the unity menu goto Tools > Bolt > Build Unit Options.

If you ever needed an easier way to manager inventories, complex variable sets, grids, and more, this collection set is for you. Handles up to all 32 max dimensions of an array. It allows you to create any type of array, minus jagged arrays.

You can find all the necessary units in the fuzzy finder under Collections > Multi Array.

Multi Array includes a create array unit, and a get and set array item unit. Get and Set take in any type of Array. Create Array has a header option of type 'Type' to select the arrays type we will use. In the old version we did it with object[,,,]. Now you get the true type like string[,,], Vector3[,,,,,,], float[], ect.

Here is an example of it all in use.