Life and Style Media - Return Event

The first fully embedded Dynamic C# to Native C# Visual Scripting extension made for Bolt. Create ANYTHING you can in C#. Modify any of the scripts dynamically on the fly in typical Bolt like fashion. When you are done, compile back to native C#. Use inheritance, DOTS, Monobehaviour, Custom Units, Editors and more. Share your scripts or macros with anyone. All in a clean and easy to read format. Mix text coding and Graphs into one seamless experience.


Current Version: Alpha Production
Price: FREE
License: MIT
Type: Extension


Depending on the tools, text and/or visual based coding can be exciting, or a total drag. One thing I think we can all agree on is, just how much better it could be, if we could really trim the time it took to get work done. In our eyes, there is a complete dissonance that happen when you are in the moment of coding and have to wait. Let time go by as you wait for compilation to occur, over and over and over again. Simple actions, like changing a number require a whole compilation step. What if most, or eventually all of that time could be wiped out entirely?

Jason spent 3 years constantly experimenting, trying to find the right mix of Visual Scripting and Code. There was always this itch to solve the age old question. Can we code faster then text? You are of course the ones to judge. On the other hand, I think we have accomplished this.

Compile times make changing small arbitrary numbers and logic a hassle. If you are a visual person, or something who hates to wait, this is something you may be interested in.

Is there anything off limits? No! All C# will be possible. We'll eventually be replacing parts to make the non dynamic, actually dynamic. The end game is full dynamic inheritence. At this moment, you cannot change a method definition, class definition, or attribute without recompiling. Everything else is definitely dynamic.

Are you just starting out in Unity or Bolt? I'd stick with purely native Bolt. Its quicker, the language is a bit simpler, does not need compiled to run in the editor.

Where would UAlive shine?

Are you interested in creating Editor Tools? Code for clients? Learning techniques not available in native Bolt that C# oriented? Maybe Async? Await? Yielding? Want to give out open source code and libraries for everyone? Then this is for you!

We will be teaching C# through a series of tutorials after the 1.0 release cycle begins. We want better tools. This could be a way to get artists and coders to experiment more, because it is just so quick to work with. See what we can really unlock!

With this new product, you will also get a ton of brand new units. Some may be similar, but provide convenience functionality. The object is to allow all units to have C# generation, so it feels natural to work with. There may be reason they cannot, in those cases, we have replacements.

Here is a list of the current Units that will be added:


  • Await
  • Branch Next
  • Continue
  • Do
  • Goto
  • Label
  • Lock
  • Preproccer Directive
  • Return
  • Switch Next
  • Using
  • Yield

  • Classes and/or Structs

  • Base
  • Get Variable
  • Invoke Method
  • Set Variable
  • This

  • Events

  • Trigger Event
  • Attach To Event
  • Detach From Event

  • Reflection

    Might consolidate most of these into a single reflection criteria unit. Having variables not being compiled while the project is dynamic, makes it unintuitive by needing longer paths to find everything. Providing our own version of common Reflection methods and data is important, for it to behave just like the native C# version.

  • Get Attribute
  • Get Attributes
  • Get Event
  • Get Events
  • Get Field
  • Get Fields
  • Get Property
  • Get Properties
  • Get Method
  • Get Methods
  • Get Type
  • Is Abstract
  • Is Property
  • Is Protected
  • Is Internal
  • Is Public
  • Is Private
  • Is Virtual

  • Editor

  • Accessor
  • Serialized Property

    There is no estimated time of arrival. We hope to have something clean enough and ready around September/October. Things can change though. Could be sooner (Hoping!), could be later. We try be as transparent as possible. New images and details will be released as we go.

    Here are some gifs and images we released along the way to show off what we are working on.