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It's been a long road for myself. I only knew basic C# and only in the context of Unity. Since then I've learned so much thanks to Bolt, it's community, and my need for understanding visual scripting internally. I feel like an entirely different person, only held back by my own beliefs, not my skills.

I've enjoyed helping others learn immensely, while allowing coding to be easier in many ways. There is nothing more exciting than the real or virtual smiles received, from someone breaking through.

There comes a point where I must take care of myself, my health, my family, my future, and the business as a whole. I've severely abandoned my own needs along the way.

That's why took the time to wrap up everything into a secure state, and provide a obsolete tab on our website, where you can still access everything. I will continue support for a select few assets though. I hope everyone understands.

With every new turn for Bolt 2, many of the ideas seem unneseccary, as there starts to become native solutions for what we've done. Everything will work with Bolt 1.4.x as normal. Bugs will still be fixed for 1.4.x. This is simply an indication of what is happening as of Bolt 2.0.

Here is a rundown of what I will continue to support or not:


Binary Save (Safe) :
This one is still very much alive, and will stay. There is still a need for Encrypted data. I think this one is more important to maintain.

Delegate Events (Cancelled):
This was more used as a subscriber type event, but provides no benefits with Bolt 2. Full delegate use exists at this point.

Flow Nest (Cancelled):
As far as I am aware, Bolt classes can be used and passed into regular scripts as variables as of 2.0a6. This is close to the same usage. We also can use script events and actions in graphs already.

Multi Array (Uncertain):
This one I'm still waiting for confirmation on. Though it's on the Bolt 2 roadmap. If Bolt 2 doesn't have arrays on release, we will support it still. If it does, and eventually will, it'll be marked obsolete.

Return Events (Uncertain):
No clue if Bolt 2 has any plans for this. So far it's safe and maintained. We'll keep an eye on it.

UAlive (Cancelled):
This one is sad as hell. Worked about 5-6 months on this one, and was largest to date. Bolt 2 seems to do everything I wanted this to do, but without inheritance. The more Lazlo does, the less this seems necessary. We just know the entire thing will be completely broken. The time justified fixing this, when Bolt 2 will show full native C# you can copy and paste and share with others, is indeed not something that is necessary. More headaches then not.

Vision (Safe) :
May require some minor restructuring, but there is no indication anything for editor side code will ever exist. This is a definite keeper, and my personal favorite.


Inspector State Machine (Safe):
Totally safe and useable. I have plans to eventually fix up the code into a cleaner structure, while also supporting default values for Serialized fields.

Continuum (Cancelled):
This was attempting something pretty crazy, bringing native C# Visual Scripting as an IDE. This just doesn't seem to be in the cards at this moment.

Right now we are working on our own internal tools. We will be moving away from public tool creation for now. Maybe in the future we'll find a need, and have the cash to back it up.

We will start releasing smaller games and building up to new larger experiences. Games are what we do this for! We can't wait for Bolt classes, and hope there are many more opportunities to help people in the future. Everyone has been amazing to me, so thank you for all the feedback and be support over the years. I will continue to use Bolt for game development, and help the community whenever possible.