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Bolt Extensions 1.1.0 With Query Unit


  • ClearBinarySave moved to IO category.

  • Output values on OnInputAction now casted to all actual types.

  • Reassign action for OnInputAction on hot reload while unit is visible. For some reason the action of the asset action exists, but claims to be null on the unit, but it is not really. We retrieve the name and find it again to fix this issue.

  • Fixed Icon on SetArrayItem

  • NEW

  • Added Query Unit with OrderBy, Single, and Where options.

  • An aside note. Recently we added editor support for Multi Array. Having MultiArray as a seperate type proved to show too many loopholes, and was pulled from the final build. Unfortunately, we don't believe this is something we will be able to solve anytime before 2.0. With Bolt 2.0 we can throw out all AOT safe procedures, because of C# generation. This will solved most of that, and even make the Query Unit much quicker and more viable.