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Get Your Unity Project Started Quickly With Ebb & Flow

I have spent a whole year coming up with this solution. It turns out, without me even knowing I was doing it, Unreal Engine has the flow very close to right.

For me, my dream game creation kit would be something where the core is complete, and the rest is completely modular. Even specific types of things, can potentially have modularity. Needing to figure out every system itself, was something I hated to do. Therefore, I decided I was only going to do this once, but I'd take the time to do it right. If it worked general enough for the public, it worked better for me.

Ebb & Flow is built off a Single Scene Architecture. It works best with Addressables installed, but not necessary. A whole scene system is setup for various things that happen, and allow you to overwrite all parts of the systems that are closer to the surface. This idea birthed a trickle down effect. Nearly every component is setup to just work, while you overlay your implementation as the sugar to the cake. Make your game your own without worrying about building a structure and foundation for systems. This literally has no effect on the outcome over your game, it will not make your game any less original. We don't touch those parts of the game. We found the magic core properties, and exposed the rest.

We will go into more detail as we lay out the manuals this week. 1.0 is now available to download. Head to the link to get it!