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New Units are Cooking! Mmmmm!

We just released the new Input System Unit "On Input Action" as a part of the first Bolt Extensions merged package release, which you can get HERE.

But what else do we have cooking?

Within the next few months we will finalize the first version of 4 new extensions. You should be able to see our changes on github, before a stable version is released.

QUERY - Query collections with sophistication. Under the hood, it allows access to the Linq library, which you can't use out of the box with Bolt. The unit will do its best to be a single unit that is modifiable, to make it extremely easy to use.

MULTI ARRAY 2.0 - You will now be allowed to edit multidimensional arrays directly in the editor, without being in play mode. I'm still working out the details of how to show values, since you can use up to 32 dimensions, just like in C#. The rest is complete, so this should come very soon.

CODE BLOCK - That is right! I've been listening. In fact I have done this already before, but we want to do better. Using Rosyln, create custom code on the fly in the unit itself. You think it is good? We can compile the code, and use it behind the scenes. This is by far, one of my favorite ideas, period.

EDITOR WINDOWS - A set of units to create your own editor window tools with ease. We will stay with editor windows, because for Bolt 2.0, we have something HUGE in mind, that would kinda make this obsolete. We want this though, and have already acccomplished this. We just need to make it better for the public.

HEAD OVER TO GITHUB to grab the current batch of units. We will share more real soon.