Life and Style Media - Company
We here at Life and Style Media of Cleveland, Ohio, strive to provide the best in its class, pushing to do our best at every turn. You must be the change you want to see in the world. Nothing is off limits if there is a vision, and an apptitude to get it done. Even when everyone says it is impossible. It is not.

Though there is a lot of backing knowledge of code in the company, we love visual representations of things. We intend to provide the best tools, free of cost, to the public. There is a clear lack of great free visual scripting solutions, and we want to try and solve that. Fill in the blanks where others are missing it.

When it comes to games, fun is number one. We intend to deliver some of the best characters, worlds, and experiences you could imagine. With our attempt to change tech, we hope to make these ideas accessible faster, and allow room for the little guy to do more then ever thought possible.

Jason Jones
Owner, Producer, Director, Social Media, Programmer, Artist, Songwriter, Audio Engineer, Game Scripting
  Jason has lived his life searching for the profound. Although he has struggled with health problems that limited his capacity for a traditional work environment, his passion for creation has pushed him to find ways to work around and rise above his limitations. His unique vision and skillset has had him delving into all mediums with proficiency.

After a few years of musical pursuit and armed with all that he learned, his unique passion, and a little bit of courage, he felt that it was time to build a foundation where he would be able to utilize them all.

Although it wasn't easy, Jason spent the next 4 years learning the ins and outs of Unity Editor scripting and with that accomplished, the company began to take fold.

Nick McKinnis
Director, Songwriter, Writer, Game Scripting, Customer Relations
  Nick's passion for gaming began the very first time he held a controller at four years old. His mother, a writer and publisher supported his reverence for the fantastical and creative, which led to a love of story based games. Growing up in the golden age of Japanese role playing games, he dreamed of working on video games some day that would inspire future generations in the same way.

Unfortunately, passion is not enough when it comes to creating something as grand in scope as video games. He struggled to learn programming and his visual arts talents left something to be desired. Feeling discouraged, he decided to focus on his strengths and went on to study writing, film, and music. Although, he displayed notable talent in these areas he just couldn't stop dreaming of game design.

With the birth of Life And Style Media, he got his chance. Jason Jones, owner and life long friend approached him and thus began a beautiful symbiosis.