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Our Commitment to Open Source

  Thank you to an ever evolving industry, we our able to do so much more. Without engines like Unreal, Unity, and Godot, we wouldn’t be where we are today. In our opinion, we should be able to feel more open, more free to express what we desire.

  With that said, we have no interest in selling tools, but we thoroughly enjoy developing them. It is extemely important to us, that our industry continues to find new we ways to solve problems. We are committed to developing and sharing the exact same frameworks we created for ourselves, with you. You wil know that we will continue to add new features, and fix bugs. This effects us too!

  We hope you find using our tools and libraries an enjoyable experience. It is important that you can gain a lot from them. Feel free to find us on one of our many social media channels, or by email. We would love to hear your feedback.

  Make your Unity Engine game, editor, and application code more readable and fluid. Implements a fluent design pattern to achieve an english speech like syntax. Covers all aspects of development. Easily find assets, manipulate textures, generate C# code, create UI Elements in code, edit strings, and much more. Use the HUM prefix appended to a type or action to easily find it via intellisense. Alternatively the methods can be found directly via extension methods.

  Our completely modular Unity Engine framework. This framework contains an optional single scene architecture, with inheritable SceneBehaviours for easily adapting to the system. Declares all common systems in a game, but is abstract. Ebb & Flow will allow you to easily adapt your own game specific implementations without the burden of creating the underlying core system code.

  If you find you are needing functionality for Bolt that you are not capable of doing without extensions, chances are we have or are creating something for that. Download a slew of extensions to boost your productivity and get creative. Includes extensions for multidimensional arrays, binary encryption, returnable events, and more.