Life and Style Media - Extensions

Download from a large collection of open source and paid Unity Assets created by Life and Style Media. Each asset or pack shows clearly marked version numbering, license display, summaries, tips, and tutorials.

Bolt is the top Visual Scripting asset to be used with Unity. I love it, and will continue to expand, share, and deliver high end assets to compliment the product and help make game development much more intuitive.

Requires: UNITY + BOLT
Current Version: 1.0.1
License: MIT
Type: Custom Units
Price: FREE

Like a custom event, except returnable. Trigger an event, do whatever logic you want, including running the event as a coroutine. When a return is hit, it will return back to the 'Complete' output on the original trigger. Can easily be chained and nested.

Requires: UNITY
Current Version: 1.1.1
License: MIT
Type: Monobehavior
Price: FREE

A simple to use, simple to program monobehavior based state machine. Allows for predefined machines using Scriptable Objects. Easy to define transitions that are changeable in the inspector. Editor only reflection.