Life and Style Media - Game

Pith takes you on an adventure through the unconscious mind of an indie game developer on the last night before his/her release. Wearing down, trying to fix that last bug, you drift into a lucid dream. Something isn't right here. Could other forces be at play? Traverse the internals of your mind, and inhabit the astrals in this Survival Adventure.

Hit the waves in this ridiculous mashup of joust, surfing, and brawling in a fighting game like you have never seen before. Infinite Rivals is the introduction to the massive multiverse crafted over 10 years, that we at Life and Style Media have designed. Just like the regular multiverse theory, all our future games, and current ones, have subtle tie ins through a the parallel universes theory. This takes a different approach, by introducing most of the future game characters in this game first, and then releasing other solo games with these characters later.