Life and Style Media - Game
The Idea
All the characters in this game are characters developed for future titles. We have been developing characters for all our games together, for 10 years now. We had the idea to do the reverse of other "Champion" games. Start with characters people can get a feel for, and develop each individuals games after. They were all already developed to be leading or special characters in other games, and all had prototypes, models, animations, and so forth. Therefore, we feel they have staying power.

In this game you play what is called Wave Joust. A mix of surfing, joust, and a brawler. Each round starts in an immediate joust off. If you are on a team, you choose a single captain. The winner is awarded the POTENTIAL point for the round, and is defending in a brawler game to gain the point. If you are offensive and win that round, you gain no point, but the other team gains no points either. The whole time this is happening on a surfboard in the water.

How Many Players?
Multitude of different modes for different player counts. Up to 8 players maximum. This is local and multiplayer.

Release Date
At this moment there is no concrete release date. It is still too early in the process to determine. We'd love to hit a 2024-2025 date.

Here is a list of the planned features at this time. These are all subject to change:
  • Action packed fighting via surfboards.

  • Use a main weapon, a secondary weapon, a jousting lance, and your surfboard to fight and evade.

  • Upgrade and customize your own character slots to progress your own skills tree and copy or duplicate them.

  • Fight in story mode, or in a multitude of other exhibition and extra modes.

  • Current Status
    The game has entered production. It is not our current main focus, but will periodically receive updates until we get a few titles under our belt, and can afford to move this to our main production.

    Where Can I Hear More?
    You should refer to the blog, discord, or twitter account for further updates. We will continue to add images, gifs, videos, and news when possible. This page will evolve as things change.