Life and Style Media - Game
The Story
You are a game developer on the eve of releasing your first solo game. You have been up for 48 hours, starving for sleep, but not ready to give in. You start becoming extremely delerious. Eventually you find yourself slipping, and reawakening, until you fall in between the real world and the astral plane! You enter into what seems to be a lucid dream, but its not exactly what it seems.

How Many Players?
The game will allow from single player and 2-4 player co-op, both local and multiplayer.

Release Date
At this moment there is no concrete release date. It is still too early in the process to determine. We'd love to hit a 2022 date.

Here is a list of the planned features at this time. These are all subject to change:
  • Living breathing emotional world focused on characterization of the environment and the ones who appear in it.

  • Build and destruct the environment into a single reusable dream material. The focus is on the skills and manually building things in different ways using your imagination. Simplicity is key.

  • Evolve your character by physically doing actions and activies. See your character evolve in real time.

  • Multiple endings with the option to continue after it is over for a longer more replayable experience both solo and with friends.

  • Consumables and Permanent items and weapons like an Action Adventure game.

  • Craft using consumables, apply consumables and crafted items to weapons and other promiment items, to change it to your own custom style and usage.

  • Current Status
    The game is now being actively developed and has exited pre-production.

    Where Can I Hear More?
    You should refer to the blog, discord, or twitter account for further updates. We will continue to add images, gifs, videos, and news when possible. This page will evolve as things change.