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Are you in need of assistance?

We offer short tasks and services at competitive pricing. In order for us to manage our own tools and games, with work for you, we chose to only offer smaller jobs that take up to a max of 2 weeks per contract.

Be sure you enjoy what you hear and see. What you experience here is the styles we are best shaping things around.


We have 20 years of experience in music and production, ready to deliver unique sound arrangements to best fit your product. Clean production, and unique rhythms and sounds to support all kinds of games and advertisements.

100$ per minute of music
(4 max, for a 2 week period)

All songs include both mixing and mastering services at no additional charge.

Life and Style Media · Video Game & Film - Sampler (Genre: ALL)

Life and Style Media · Punch It Loud (Genre: Fighting / Sports)

Life and Style Media · Into The Void (Genre: Racing / Space)


Interested in spicing up your characters? Giving them life? We specialize in both the cute and the dangerous. Take a look!

500$ per finalized character
(2 max, for a 2 week period)


As you have probably seen by now, this is our super duper specialty. It is also the most flexible with pricing, so we can't give you anything definitive. Please visit our GitHub for examples.

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If you decide you would like to hear more, please Email us by selecting the Business subject from the drop down, on the Email page.