Life and Style Media - Services

Life and Style Media has many services intended to aid development of your applications and games. Deliver a Unity driven application with an extremely intuitive interface, or get a brand new game developed and ready to ship. Take a look at the services listed below, send over an email to, and I will get back to you within 24 hours as long as it is a week day. Else, you will hear from me the following Monday.

Game Development has to be one of the toughest areas to become an expert in. You must learn everything possible. Thankfully, we have quite a few different ways we can help you reach your end goal.


Characterization is extremely important if you want your games to stand out. Get designs with a mix of shape, light, and color expressed in a simple yet elegant way.

Find what you are looking for over the course of many iterations. See sketch sheets, color palettes, and after lighting, to find the right outcomes that match your needs.

Communication is all business days but major United States holidays. We have a dedicate person for customer service that will handle all your needs, and make sure every party is extremely happy.

A design of a magical boy who can cast magic through scriptures.

A man brought to insanity from being possed. A ghost hunting action game prototype "Ghost and the Hunt".

The hero who is a characters altered version in the dark world. Prototype "Nightskull: Court of Evil Gentlemen".

A chameleon shape shifting character for prototype "Neb".

A shaman character for a game that was prototype "Anso".


8 Years experience creating logo designs. Fresh, modern, and unique to your overall game concept and feel.

A prototype for a new wrestling video game. This was the logo I made for it.

Unbound Universe was a game being developed that was in the vein of Gyruss.


Melodies hum, rhythms flow. The atmosphere of a game is super important. Music is no exception in that category. Receive great new memorable music that streamlines with the games theme perfectly.


10 years of C# programming experience. Receive nicely commented, and outlined code so you can share it with your team, and get them learning it faster.

Modularized developement. Make it extremely easy to plug and play new behaviour, using scriptable objects and drop downs with editor reflection, for more easily accessing data and methods.

A drive to do the impossible. Does it sound crazy? We can hypethesize, and come to a solution. You hear it a lot, but we don't believe anything is impossible.

Visual programming is something we really love. Gain access to us creating nodes for many of the top VS solutions.

Other various plugins already owned: DOTween, Rewired, Odin Serializer, Odin Inspector, Blox, Corgi Engine, Script Inspector 3, Save Game Pro and Final IK.